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  • Who do I contact when I want to place an order?
    You can contact Jaco at +27 17 819 3415 during business hours or alternatively at
  • Do you have a shooting range?
    Musgrave has an indoor shooting range as well as an 1Km range in Ermelo where we do all our in-house testing. As an added benefit, you as a customer can arrange a range day, at no additional cost, when you collect your rifle. There we can assist with training and guidance on how to safely and accurately use your Musgrave rifle.
  • When I order a rifle, what are the license application steps?
    As each Musgrave order is unique, we will prepare a job card with all the relevant info regarding caliber and configuration. Thereafter the workshop will start with the barrel manufacturing, as this can take up to 4 weeks. Once the barrel is done, Musgrave submits the license applications for the specific barrel. Musgrave has its own legal department that assists with all paperwork to make the process as easy as possible. They will contact the buyer and help streamline the process.
  • Can I do a tour of the factory?
    Yes you can. Please make an appointment at +27 17 819 3415. One of our representatives will show you how the Musgrave barrels and rifles are manufactured. You can also have the opportunity to meet our Master Gunsmith and learn more about the love and dedication that goes into each Musgrave rifle.
  • Can I pay the rifle off?
    Yes you can. Musgrave offers a flexible payment plan to our customers allowing them to pay the rifle off in installments over 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • Where are you situated?
    The Musgrave factory is based in Ermelo Mpumalanga, but we supply 120 independent retails stores across South Africa.
  • Where can I get more information about my Musgrave rifle?
    Looking for the history and valuation of your Musgrave rifle? We've got you covered! Introducing the Ben Musgrave Rifles Group on Facebook, where you can connect with a community of knowledgeable enthusiasts. This group is home to old Musgrave staff members who worked in the factory, as well as other avid collectors who have a wealth of information about these trusted firearms. Whether you're curious about the origins, production years, or specific details of your Musgrave, the group members are there to help. They can provide insights, answer questions, and even offer valuations based on their extensive knowledge and experience. Join the Ben Musgrave Rifles Group on Facebook today and tap into the collective wisdom of our passionate community. Discover the fascinating history behind your Musgrave rifle and gain valuable insights from those who truly understand the brand. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with fellow Musgrave enthusiasts. Join the group now and dive deeper into the world of your cherished Musgrave rifle.
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